by S O U L G R O U N D

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released April 9, 2013

recorded, mixed and mastered by anfy diot



all rights reserved


Soulground Berlin, Germany

heavy riffing hardcore.

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Track Name: Expectations
Caught in expectations you have to cope with its kinda hard to be yourself
Wracked from inner conflicts and loneliness
I barely see myself but rather the person I have to be
The desire for a cloudless sky is getting bigger and bigger
Tell me what to do to find myself
I wanna run away but my feet are numb
I wanna scream but my voice is gone
I wanna see and realize myself but my eyes are closed
My eyes are closed
In the middle of the deepest jungle I’m searching for a helping hand cause mine are tied
Even if the way is far from here and hard to reach
You need to go
Track Name: Free Falling
Try to dig your claws in my back
Headfirst towards a brick wall
I can’t be stopped it’s the rigid will
A feeling of power
The strength in my chest
It’s what it keeps on pushing by
I don’t believe in what was said
Even though you try to make me regret
It’s what keeps me alive
Free falling and I won’t pump the breaks
This is something you can’t bring to your mind
Head first I can’t be stopped
You can try to break my spine
Free falling
Free falling
Free falling
And I won’t pump the breaks
Track Name: Down There
Starring into the bright light of the world
With our hands folded over our eyes
No one listens because everyone’s screaming
The world plays death
We keep singing to the songs of freedom
Still the noose sits tight in our mouth
No peace and quiet in the age of noise
So we numb our minds
Down there
The never ending search for total enlightment
Caught in Illusions
What’s down there is what’s frightening
Cold and irritating
Diggin’ deep till the ground of my soul
Where there’s no one else and nowhere to go
Soulground Soulground
Diggin’ deep till the ground of my soul
Where the truth falls asleep